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BioSil - Saving a TV commercial

After not being satisfied with the result of the TV spot made by a US agency, Biosil came to House of Media with the challenging assignment to upgrade the quality.

Inspired by their new branding, I was in charge of the finishing touches: transitions, text on screen, and packshot animation.

I collected some 'before and after' shots and animations below!

The talking heads

For better proportion, I made her smaller in the frame and added a brand-colored background to bring everything together.

I also repositioned her name and the logo to freshen things up.

Let’s clean up the cluttered design

Showing the complete interface of the Visia program didn't add any value here. I cleaned everything up and showed the viewer only the information we thought was important.

Visualising the statistics

Instead of using the talking heads we went for lifestyle videos to give the brand a more global look and feel while representing the statics.

Packshots in motion

Slightly animating the packshots gave the ending a much more modern look and feel.