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Holy Berry - Social Media Identity

Holy Berry contacted House of Media for a rebranding of their social media identity. I had the pleasure of working with them on this project.

Holy Berry sells frozen açai berries pulp for a nutritious and balanced breakfast. A visual refresh was needed for their social media pages.
Making them more coherent and recognizable.

The mission

Designing a new look and feel for Holy Berry’s social media presence. Give the brand and stand-out identity. So people would recognize them no matter where they would encounter them.

Refreshing, but with respect

Right, let’s find some inspiration! Besides the standard online research (Pinterest, Behance, Dribble,…) we checked out their website and the packaging. They were an important guide, since we obviously couldn’t just change them. So we needed something new, fresh but still respect the existing branding.

Simple but effective

I started drawing some waves (representing the organic waves of the beloved pulp) and used the leaf and berry they already used. Using these elements as a vignette, they would support the content without being too loud.  

Iteration and collaboration

Luckily we got there pretty quickly. We only finetuned some shapes and listened to the client, who really wanted more saturated colors.

Delivering the goods

After everything was said and done, we need all this goodness to be useful for the costumer. We decided to make some templates and separate assets and upload them to Canva, where their graphic designer could use them.