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Maxime Devos

graphic & motion designer

In the spotlight

art direction

Holy Berry - Social Media Identity

Holy Berry sells frozen açai berries pulp for a nutritious and balanced breakfast.

A visual refresh was needed for their social media pages. Making them more coherent and recognizable.

read all about it!
Motion Design

Biosil - US commercial

After not being satisfied with the result of the TV spot made by a US agency, Biosil came to House of Media with the challenging assignment to upgrade the quality.

Inspired by their new branding, I was in charge of the finishing touches: transitions,
text on screen, and packshot animation.

I collected some 'before and after' shots and animations below!

watch the before & after
Motion Design

Ads for LinkedIn

I made these animations as backgrounds for my first LinkedIn ads. 

I wanted to make a believable night sky and really go for texture and depth for the first part and a cinematic shot of planets.

Maybe you're here because of them!

Motion Design

Feestwinkel - Halloween

Feestwinkel wanted to boost their sales of Halloween costumes. They therefore came to me to make a scary ad as part of their social media campaign.

Motion Design

Playing with free 3D assets

I found this website where the Smithsonian has 3D scans of their art pieces.

I downloaded this bust and rendered a simple animtion in Blender. Then took to After Effects and tried to make it look cinematic.

This is the result.

Motion Design

Stashed - Instagram post concept

In their rebranding phase, Stashed asked House of Media to concept social media assets for their upcoming marketing plan.

3D animation

Claerhout NV - Christmas greetings

In the eight years I worked as a designer with Claerhout NV, I made a couple of fun, quirky holiday movies to send to our clients.

For this one, I used Blender as my weapon of choice!

motion design

Verboden terrein - Podcast intro

Verboden Terrein is a podcast about dangerous ideas in science. Inspired by the philosophy of Etienne Vermeersch (1934-2019), who embraced controversial ideas if they were scientifically sound.

I wanted to give this piece a dark and scientific vibe with some of Etienne Vermeerch's quotes that most accurately portray his views.


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